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SuSE DVD Remastering

The spiffy new Novell/SuSE Linux 9.2. Professional (note: same applies for version 9.3) comes again on 5 CDs and also on 2 DVDs (one with all binary, ony with all source packages). But alas!
  1. Not everything which is on DVD is on the CDs (which we recognise immediately, because we naturally want to replace Postfix with the true MTA Exim).
  2. DVD 1 may not be copied, because it is a "double layer" DVD (a.k.a. DVD-9), which is a format supported only by newer burners.
Assuming we want to burn our SuSE on a normal DVD (DVD-5), we can do it like this:

Copy the content of the DVD in a directory. That's altogether 7.6 GB (SuSE 9.3: 8.0 GB). There we have a subdirectory suse/x86_64/ now, which is 2.8 GB big. We can delete the files in that directory (as long as you don't have a 64-Bit CPU). Also boot/rescue64, boot/root64 and other big files or unneeded language packets from OpenOffice_org, aspell (in suse/i586/) or kde-i18n, koffice-i18n, suselinux-adminguide/userguide (in suse/noarch/). We quickly come down below 4.7 GB which should fit on a normal DVD.

We stay in the main directory of the SuSE DVD and enter the following:

mkisofs -v -r -J -b boot/loader/isolinux.bin -c -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o /tmp/my.iso .

The resulting image is bootable and can be directly burned.


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