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Linux demos

(in reverse order of creation)

Yet another SDL/SDL_mixer/SDL_image demo ;-)
  • blur-0.1
    demo with some blurred "wire netted" 3d objects, spectrum analyzer (fft) and scopes for music, text effect

I recently bought a new soundcard. This demo is a first result of playing around with the SDL_mixer library. Plus a little alpha blending stuff... the SDL is really nice :-)
  • flares-0.4
    graphics reacting to the music, alpha blending, scopes

Another cool library for coding demos is the svgalib. It's great because you have a very low level access to the video memory. The tradeoff is that you must be root to execute the program.

I recently discovered the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) libraray and it really rocks! At the moment I'm trying to port code I made some years ago in pascal for the good old DOS. I'll list any considerable pieces of work here.
  • fire-0.3
    fire/flames with some other whirling effect



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